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Art Meets Recipe Holder

I love to make muffins! But I needed a way to keep the recipes off the counter so I would have room to cook. During a visit to my local hobby store I discovered this wonderful red bird wall hanger. Cardinals are said to be family members watching over you from the other side and I knew this one needed to be in my kitchen. (I'll admit my cooking could use a bit of support.)

With a few simple supplies I turned wall art into a recipe holder that can hang on the cabinet door. It's like having my mother, grandmother, and even my mother-in-law cheering on my next crazy mixtures.

The key to making the hanger is finding something you love that has holes or parts that would allow you to tie on something and a hanger on the back. Let's see how easy this is.

Supplies: Art piece, baby sized clothes pins, 1/16th" ribbon, scissors, plyers, #Command hook, ice pick/fork (if needed), and a drill with small bit. As you can see "mom" has her own #MilwaukeeTools rechargeable screwdriver with drill bits. Can I just say I love tools and this one is great!

Drill a single hole in one side of your clip and feed the ribbon through making a loop to secure it. If you don't have a drill find a neighbor to make your holes.

Yes, you can paint the clips if desired, but do that before you string the ribbon in place. If the ribbon needs a bit of help to go through the hole, use an ice pick or a fork prong to help pull it through.

Now tie the ribbon to the art being sure to level the clips across from each other and making sure they are not wider than your recipe cards.

Check your hanger back and test out the Command hook. You want to be sure it will be a tight fit. I bent the hook in with plyers and tied it to the bird with an additional piece of ribbon to keep it from bouncing around.

Tip: leave a bow on the tie to make it easy to remove and remount if you need to move it.

Using the Command Strip I placed it on an upper cabinet door making sure it wouldn't "flop" too much as I opened and closed the door. Add the recipe I was playing with and Ta-Da!

Thanks for letting me share my latest idea. Pat Sawtelle (November 2020)

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