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In 2008 Pat’s mind began shoving out images, scenes, and words. She hoped putting them on paper would make them stop. However, when you turn on the water, it just keeps coming and so did the words.


Moving from spiral notebooks to a computer allowed the words to form more efficiently. Balancing the day job and a family, writing demanded its slice of her time. In a short 5 ½ years she wrote the fifteen novels that would form the Chalice Princess series.


Ready to get her feet wet in the publishing world she signed on with Dark Oak Press and Media. In November 2016, they brought the first book to life (Chalice Moon) and she began learning the world of publishing meeting other authors and sharing knowledge. Working with the Dark Oak Press and Media team she led a two year “giving back” program called It’s All About Writing. Appearing in local libraries the group taught and recorded a series of videos for the Dark Oak Press and Media channel on YouTube to share what we’d learned about writing with others. Fun, friends, and nerves (two words - fidget spinners) were evident in the videos but the project gave everyone involved a sense of purpose because they could help others who wanted to become writers.

When the flood of words didn’t stop during the giving back project, Pat turned to writing a few short stories desperate for the characters to let her get a bit more sleep. But alas, not even short stories stopped the plethora of creativity.


In 2018, the millennials in her life peppered her with life challenges as they began moving from their parent’s homes and college dorms into apartments and houses. The regularly complained that adulting sucked as they came to see “mom” and grab a banana chocolate chip pecan muffin (yummy). Lessons on making money, paying bills, even how to keep the house clean poured out as she happily tried to influence this new generation of adults to become organized and efficient.


This year (2020) Pat Sawtelle plans to release the two newest books in her catalog, Adulting Doesn’t Have To Suck (Parts 1 & 2) before returning to cleaning up and setting a publishing plan for the full Chalice Princess series. And somewhere among all that, I’m sure the short stories will get a little attention, along with this website and her social media outlets.


If you enjoy any of her books, posts, or even her website, please help this crazy author out by commenting, reviewing, and sharing so others will find her. After all, you never know what the characters in her mind will want to write about next


Thanks for Reading!

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