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Novels, Short Stories, and Organizing Books to entertain and help you get the most out of life! 

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    A seemingly random attack exposes Kimie and her best friend to a part of the world the girls never knew existed. A world where vampires and shapeshifters not only exist but are people they know. However, when another attack nearly kills Kimie, her friends must find out why some of the magical beings are after her.
     Could this simple human girl be the legendary Chalice mentioned in that old tale they found? The story said the Chalice is bound to the delicate balance between the forces of good and evil. While the part of taking from evil and giving to good didn't sound too bad to Kimie, it never said so many people would want to see her dead.

Chalice Moon is the first book in the Chalice Princess series.

Get Your Reading Fix with a Short Story by Pat Sawtelle


    Cara loved working in the coffee shop, but his repeated purchase of six cups of coffee with triple espresso shots intrigued her. However, following him home entangled her with the world of magic and put her in danger.

    Discovering he was a shapeshifter didn't stop her from falling for Jimmy, but he couldn't protect her from the kidnapping. Would her curiosity get Cara killed?

    Find your answers in the short story Caffiene Moon by Pat Sawtelle.

    Bryon loved hats and he'd learned from the best, George Lock. When Jacob found his father's body, the police immediately accuse him of the murder.

    Suddenly the safety of the King rested on securing a hat and Bryon's ability to protect the dead man's family. But was he ready for the secret hidden in the hat?

    Love a short mystery? Check out The Feathered Crown (A Hat Maker Mystery).

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Fairy's kiss.jpg

    Culley stood before the king of the American Vampires, confident he would die tonight, found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Told to run if he wanted to live, he headed for a childhood hangout that would keep them from finding him.

    When GraceAnn emerged shaking, she was scared of more than the vampire that stood in front of her. Trapped between the world of humans and vampire justice left nothing but hard choices and an attraction that could get him killed. But could he walk away from her before they killed him?

Check out The Fairy's Kiss and find the answer. 

    The day of his first shift had arrived, but Steven Michael Masterson wasn’t like any other Shape Shifter. His night wouldn’t be like the stories his friends told of running as a Wolf. For several months, tiny insights into his power had slipped out.

    Each incident felt wrong and occasional bursts of incredible anger made him worry about hurting others. Afraid of revealing his differences, he kept these changes secret…until the day Mr. Brown nearly killed Tara.

    My First Wolf Moon is the back story of the character Steve Rivers from the Chalice Princess series.  

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the key.jpg

    Cold and wet, AnnMarie waited for the carriage to pick her up. Worried about someone from her past recognizing her kept her from seeing the danger in her present.

    Devin didn’t look dangerous in his rain-soaked rumpled clothes and cowboy hat, but looks are deceiving. After all, AnnMarie had her own secret hidden behind that soft auburn hair.

    The Key by Pat Sawtelle mixes a touch of paranormal with a mysterious secret. 

Coming Soon from The Organized Mom...


    Life is full of challenges, new things, things that break down, and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Managing things the first time out of the house, or during the changes brought on by children entering or exiting your life, even facing the challenges of getting old, isn’t easy. While we can search the internet for any topic, we wonder if we can trust the information we find and we’re desperate for answers.

    Most people have an “instruction guide” person in their life that won’t laugh when they ask how do I write a check, and won’t judge them when admitting they don’t know how to do laundry. I’m one of those people.

    Life has forced me to figure things out encouraging me to share it with others as my brain runs out of space for more lessons. This book provided a place to pull out the information and share it with the kids in my life. I regularly hear “adulting sucks” from these emerging adults as they show up for “help mom” conversations and maybe dinner too. Others will find a tip or trick that can help ease them through life as an adult. Remember to share your knowledge with others and find ways to make life fun!

    Grab a copy of Adulting Doesn't Have To Suck and a couple of friends and make organizing fun!


In the first Adulting Doesn’t Have To Suck book you learned about yourself, your friends, clothes, even money. You’ve picked out things to implement that hit home and you’re celebrating the new you. But if you take a moment to review your house and your life, you’ll find a few topics that we didn’t cover like cooking, the laundry room, working, even that all-important bathroom. You know, the place where black stuff grows in nooks and crannies daring you to make it leave.

Never fear the mom brain and family questions didn’t stop and the writer’s voice demanded we not leave my readers hanging. Adulting Doesn’t Have To Suck #2 fills in missing information, doles out some mom advice, and does it all with a touch of humor. Gather your friends or book club and dig into this new round of tips, ideas, explanations, and things to make you think. Make some changes, highlight topics you find interesting, drag out the sticky notes and get started. It’s time to have some fun! 

Pull out the book, your sticky notes, and gather your friends to discover more about life!

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