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I believe... Magical Stores with wonderful toys, Candy Gardens full of flowers you can eat, Fairy Wings that flutter like twinkling stars, that a baby's laughter can make the world smile, and that tomorrow holds opportunities for fun, laughter, imagination, and wonder ... if only you believe it can.  

Now Available from The Organized Mom...


    The movers just drove away and suddenly you have to pay the bills, arrange the furniture, and take care of the car. You told your family (parents or children) you could take care of it yourself but you might have been stretching the truth a bit.


    Never fear. Adulting Doesn’t Have To Suck! is here with tips and ideas to make it easier. Read Adulting Doesn’t Have To Suck! and show them you can do this!


    When the bathroom gunk frightens you, and you're too scared to enter the kitchen, it's time for a few ideas to make life easier. Maybe you need some bedroom organizing tips. 


    Check out Adulting Doesn’t Have To Suck! #2 for cleaning tips for home and work, tips for organizing your life, even some cooking basics so you can feed your friends.

Vampires, Shapeshifters, Humans...

            Who is good and who is evil?

chalice moon.jpg

    Take a walk through the world of Kimie Richards where the veil hiding the world of magic brushes back to touch this simple Human. For only a magical touch could rock the foundation of her existence setting her on a new course with destiny. A destiny filled with Vampires, Shifters, friends, lovers, and darkness.


    Wolf Shifters. Vampires. Humans. When these worlds collide danger, magic, and love soon follow. Intriguing, fast-paced storylines in a contemporary setting. A paranormal tale to keep you guessing what will happen next. 

    Chalice Moon is book one in the fifteen book series. Coming soon with a re-launch and publish dates. 


A Variety of Tales for Short Story Lovers 

For those who need to get to the end of the story quickly, here are five stories that get you to the "who done it" quickly. 


Authors spend time writing, editing, talking, sharing, and proofing their work. They dream of characters and scenes. They hear voices playing out their roles daring the writer to get it all down before the scene changes. Craving feedback we beg for reviews. We enjoy a great cover drawing, a twist in a mystery, a world of conflict that ends in a kiss, even sharing knowledge of the tips and tricks we've learned about writing. Poke around the site and follow it to find out where my author's brain goes exploring next. And Thank You for getting to know me and my characters a bit more!

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