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CozyPar Publishing 

CozyPar Publishing is the name of the Publishing Group used for the short stories published for Pat Sawtelle. This is an extension of the author's persona and not affiliated with any other publishing company. Started in September 2018, Pat used this as a way to learn more about ebook formats and readers. She still enjoys her affiliation with another multi-author publisher for her novels but this brand lets her strengthen her knowledge of the business and test out new story ideas. We hope you enjoy reading some of them and be sure to post your reviews!


Dark Oak Press and Media

The Chalice Princess Series and related fun are part of Dark Oak Press publications. The Dark Oak Press and Media site includes books, tips on writing, author appearances, fill-n-puzzles, and more. Check out the catalog to read excerpts from books in various genres and find something new to explore in the world of reading at


Or check out the Dark Oak Press and Meida YouTube channel for videos on writing, interviews or insight into the mischief writers get into at conventions.

If you downloaded the puzzle for my books, here is where you can download the answer guides.

Chalice Moon Fill-In-Puzzle Answer Guide

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